Terms of Service



Accuracy of information

We are committed to publishing current and accurate information on our site. However, there are occasions when some information may not be accurate due to delayed update. Products, specifications, prices and descriptions etc. may be changed at any time without prior notice.

The addition of a product or service on our site does not guarantee that such a product or service will always be available. We may use our discretion to discontinue offering any product or service on our site.

Terms of sale

As you place an order on our site, you (i) offer to patronise us out of your own will (ii) declare that you have attained the legal age to go into a contract (iii) state that all information provided by you is accurate (iv) you are authorized by law to possess the details used in making the payment.

Receiving an order confirmation from us is not an acceptance by us to fulfil your order. We have the right to not accept any orders placed by you. If your order is rejected, you shall be notified, and we shall make a refund of the amount paid.


Payment method for orders placed on our site is prepaid. This is processed via a secure system powered by Paystack. By making payment, you assent that you are an authorized user of the valid card. Items covered in the total amount to be paid include price of product(s), delivery cost and Value Added Tax (VAT). Card details provided during payment are solely managed by Paystack.



At Ejiji Africa, we understand the importance of privacy, and have uttermost respect for your privacy. We collect basic information in the process of you placing your order, to help us fulfill your order in the most efficient way possible. In our commitment to offer you maximum satisfaction, we may use your data to showcase products that are most suitable to you.  Information received on our site is solely for business purposes and will not be used for anything outside that.



First, we are grateful for your patronage. We understand that you are the reason why we are in business, hence, your satisfaction is our priority.  We acknowledge that there may be some hiccups in our efforts to satisfy you. For that reason, we shall do our best to resolve any issues that may arise.

If you have any reasons to return item(s) purchased from us, please ensure that you initiate a return within 48 hours after your order is delivered to you. We shall make arrangements for the return. The order in question must be in good condition as delivered to you, and in the same packaging materials delivered in. After receiving the order and confirming that it is in good condition, we shall make a refund.  Items tampered with or damaged are not eligible for returns and refunds. Failure to return items within the stipulated period makes us unable to take back the order..